Fathers day Beer Snack Gift Set

What better way to say "Thank You" than a stunning selection of four different Beer Snack all wrapped up in one Gift set.

We know how difficult it can be finding a gift that really does say "Thank you Dad" so we have created this unique collection of Beer Snacks all hand crafted by us in the heart of the Cheshire Countryside. Its not just Biltong but a massive selection of unique Beer snacks that are sure to make your Dads day. 

Add to that you can pick your pack size and then with free postage its not to be missed.

So what do you get

1 x Original Biltong, an award winning creation of the finest British and Irish Beef slowly aired dried to give it that truly authentic Biltong flavour.

1 x Salt and Pepper Snap Sticks. Very thin strips of Biltong that have been dried to create a very dry nearly crispy but chewy strips of Beef with a beautiful hint of Salt and Pepper.

1 x Chilli Droewors. Take the finest British beef mince it up add a secret blend of spices and hang to dry in thin natural sausage skins and they you have a snack sometimes called Beer sticks just perfect.

1 x BBQ Bacon Bites. Our latest addition to our range, take dried cured streaky bacon add a secret blend of sweet BBQ spices and again dry very slowly and what you get is Bacon like you have never tasted before.

You can pick from either 50g packs or our massive 250g packs as well its up to you. Add to that all boxed up it really is the perfect way to say "Thank You Dad"

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