Fathers day Biltong Gifts sets just got an upgrade.

Fathers day Biltong Gifts sets just got an upgrade.


Remember its Fathers day on the 21st June this year and by the looks of things we will be unable to get out and find that something special for that super great Dad of yours. So this year we have managed to pull together one the finest Biltong Gift sets that can be found anywhere. 

1 - First you need to decide if you want to start with the 5 pack or 10 Packs of Biltong to start with from our Selection Box range, all of which are different in there own way.


2 - Then do you want to add a stunning Braai Salts Grinder to the set? A perfect one handed grinder packed with Braai Salts and a refill its guaranteed to take your Dads BBQ cooking to the very next level.

3 - Then if time to decide if you want to top it up to the max with adding a stunning jar of Zingy BBQ Sauce also known as Monkey Gland Sauce! Nothing to do with Monkeys in anyway its more commonly know as this in South Africa and adds a real flavour to any meat dish and is cracking with Cheese not to be missed. Plus its a great taste winner as well.

4 - We will then box it all up and send it straight to Dad!

Its totally up to you what you want to add or don't want to add create just what you think your Dad will love.

And if this isn't what you looking for we have a truly simple and effective range of Gift Vouchers that can be delivered straight away to your Dads email.

Or you can simply send him a stunning Box packed with Biltong from our 3 x 50g packs all the way up to our 1kg or even 2kg Offer. Some of which you can choose from different Fat Levels as well as Flavours !


Its not just any old Biltong either its Biltong crafted using 100% British and Irish Beef, coming from a Family with generations of farming knowledge its something we love to do add to that its the finest Beef that's produced anywhere in the world with the lowest food miles available its the right thing to do as well. Its made by us by hand at our family Home in Cheshire in a purpose built facility right here, and at this difficult time it means our need to travel anywhere is greatly reduced making it safer for everyone. Crafted over at least 5 days we do things the right way no short cuts here for us either quality and authenticity is the aim for us.

Maybe that's why people say #NotAllBiltongIsBlackAndWhite