Where can i find Biltong in the UK? Right Here tasty hand crafted Biltong the way it should be.

Where can i find Biltong in the UK? Right Here tasty hand crafted Biltong the way it should be.

So your looking for your Biltong fix and you have looked everywhere and are yet to find your real favourite, well you have found it hand crafted the right way using a tradition spice mix made using Silverside cuts of real 100% British beef.

We are a small (well maybe that small anymore) family run business in the small village of Weston in Cheshire close to Nantwich, Crewe and Stoke on Trent. All our Biltong and any of our products are made by hand by us taking the up most care to delivery the best and finest Biltong experience you can find anywhere. All the meat os prepared, hung , dried and Cut by hand we don't use any form of packing equipment our fancy hi-tech machines to create what think is the finest Biltong you can find. With generation of Farming experience under our belts and family based in SA we believe with have the perfect knowledge to produce the perfect product. 

Looking for different flavours of Biltong well that's what we do here you think you love the traditional version of Biltong but wait until you get your hands on our stunning range of Flavours you will be blown away. We have some of the hottest Biltong you can find with our Reaper Version of Biltong made with the worlds hottest Chillies ! Stunning Sweet Version from Maple to Fruit Chutney, different ones such as Worcestershire Sauce version and even a Salt and Vinegar and many many more to give your taste buds a real treat.  Add to that our award winning Biltong Dips you have a truly stunning Original Biltong Experience. 

Some people to like to call us the Original Biltong Company but we disagree with that we are the Unoriginal Biltong Company and pride ourselves in what we do been unique in how we do what we do. 

And now with our latest offering of our Protein packed "Protein Packs" you have the very best selection for your Pre or Post work out regimes with a great offering of 7 different flavours to keep you going everyday of the week.