South African Family Grocery Box

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Just another addition to our stunning range of South African Food and Drinks, our Family Grocery Box simply packed with all your favourite goodies from back in SA.

You get

6 x 300ml Spar Letta Creme Soda

1 x Butter Milk Rusk (500g)

1 x Condensed Milk Rusks (500g)

1 x Mrs Ball Original Chutney (470g)

1 x Romany Creams Classic Choc (200g)

1 x Romany Creams Mint Choc (200g)

1 x 24 Pack Cream Soda Fizzers (278g)

1 x ProNutro Original Flavour (500g)

1 x Marina Braai Salts (400g)

1 x Castle Marinade Lemon and Herb (500ml)

1 x Eet-Sum Mor Shortbread Biscuits (200g)

1 x Steers Seasoning Salts (225g)

1 x Flings Original (150g)

1 x Freshpak Rooibos Tea Bags (80 Pack)

1 x Fisco Original Coffee (250g)

1 x 250g Original Beef Biltong.

For Full ingredients and Allergies please see individual items listed. CLICK HERE