Russian Roulette Chilli Bites (200g per Pack)

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Now added to our amazing selection of Chilli Bites we introduce our Russian Roulette Chilli Bites pack ! What you get is a massive 200g bag of our stunning Chilli Bites in the full range of 4 heat levels from Super mild basic Chilli Powder to Super Hot Carolina Reaper and anything in between, the catch is they are mixed in one stunning pack so you have no idea what your next mouth full will be!  Its not for the faint hearted as even the Scotch Bonnet version packs a real punch you have been warned.

Perfect for that night out with the girls or lads no better way to get your drinking head on than a super hot kick form our Chilli Bites. Stag and Hen parties what a perfect way to start the night off the with these bad boys !

So what are Chilli Bites they thin strips of only the very best 100% British Beef dried that little bit quicker than our normal Biltong and with a great Chilli Kick. A little bit dryer than our normal Biltong but packed with flavour and rammed again with protein.