Biltong Santa Sack "The Best of Both One" (FREE SHIPPING)

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Exotic and Traditional Biltong in one Perfect Set

Having teamed up with our great friends at The Cheshire Biltong Company to bring you some of the most Exotic Biltong you can find, we decide it would be the perfect idea to create a Gift Set that gives the very best of of both Weston Biltong and Cheshire Biltong in one great set.

Combining two of the UK finest Biltong collections in one perfect Gift.

So here you have it from Cheshire Biltong 

1 x Zebra Biltong

1 x Kangaroo Biltong

1 x Venison Biltong

1 x Ostrich Biltong 

And from us three of the very best

1 x Original Biltong (Beef)

1 x Smokey Chipotle Biltong (Beef)

1 x Sticky Maple Biltong (Beef)

For all Ingredients and Allergens see images.

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