Build Your Own Home Biltong Making Kit.

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Build your Own Biltong Making Kit

Now we have our very own Biltong Making equipment we have decided to introduce the "Total Package" for anyone wanting to craft there very own Biltong at home.

You can also choose what comes in your Bundle, so its up to you really if you want to add a Slicer or why not go for the Pro Version. Need extra Spices Original, Chilli  or even Safari Spices add them as well its up to you as well.  Looking for a few more hooks if your doing Chilli Bites add them as well. We really do have it all.

What do you get well you start with a Dryer hand made by us and then just add what ever extras it is that you need its really that simple.

The more you add the better the deal its that simple.

1 - Start with your very own Biltong Dryer.

2- Pick a Biltong Slicer (If needed) chose from 2 Standard Slicer or Pro Cutter

3 - Add some extra Spices (If you want) pick from 3 varieties Original Spice, Chilli Spices, or why not try  Crown National Safari Spice

4 - Need More Biltong Hooks add away.

5 - Let us do the rest.