Original Droewors 1kg SUBSCRIPTION

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Why not sign up to our stunning totally flexible subscription service? No catches no minimum commitment no direct debits or standing orders you truly are in full control. 

How does it work? Simple really we drop you a simple re order form every month/week pay if you want to order again don't pay if you don't need it. 

Most subscription services require you to sign up to a Direct Debit or Standing Order and ask for a anything form 10 days - 30days cancelation notice, we don't you truly are in full control.


All our Biltong and Droewors varieties are handmade some even say crafted to perfection. We use only the finest cuts of Silverside and of course its 100% British and Irish Beef. We use just the right amount of vinegar then spices and flavours to make the perfect partnership to give our Droewors that something extra.

So what are you waiting for grab a cold beer and your Droewors

With generations of Farming blood in our veins back British Farmers is a must for us so we make sure each and every bag is as good as the first.


An authentic recipe enjoyed for generations across South Africa.  The simplicity of the coriander and black pepper gives this Biltong a true taste and original flavour. 


Gluten, Soya, Milk and Egg