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BBQ Beef Biltong

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Our Biltong selections are expertly handcrafted using only the choicest cuts of Silverside from 100% British and Irish Beef. The perfect blend of vinegar, spices, and flavors gives our Biltong a deliciously unique touch.

Do you like your Biltong with a savoury twist have a look at our Salt and Pepper flavour.


A sweet and smoky taste of Texas. Mild and tangy with a satisfying sour twist! Treat yourself to a flavor experience unlike any other. Experience the bold and balanced flavors of Texas, with just the right balance of sweetness and smokiness. A hint of tanginess adds a delightful twist to this already satisfying treat.

Looking for a little heat with your BBQ Flavour try our Smokey Chipotle version.

These will come at a traditional "Some fat level"

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