Braai Salts.

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Braai Slats not just for Meat.

This is not filled with nasty preservatives' just pure ingredients for that true authentic flavour.

Do you want to take your meat flavour to the very next level? Well now you can with one easy to use simply Braai Spice. A perfect blend of spices that can be used on all meat, fish and poultry. The instant way to take your flavour to the very next level.

Commonly used in the beautiful South Africa this blend of spices and salts can be used as a simple marinate pre cooking or just add at the end to create that perfect extra meaty flavour to all your cooking. Works just as well on fish as its does with beef, lamb, chicken or why not give your Salad that little bit extra flavour. Add a twist to your Salad or even simple eggs its the must have salts for everything. 

Its a simple mix of herbs and spices that really does make a difference to your every day dishes. Now in 500g Buckets you will sure not to running our any time soon.


Salt ,Garlic Granules, Thyme, Rapeseed Oil, Paprika, Black Pepper, Coriander, Chilli Powder, Oregano.

Please note this item contents no nuts but is made in an environment where nuts are used.