Carnivores Feast Christmas Gift Set

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Carnivore Biltong Gift Set.

Looking for a Biltong/Carnivors Gift idea that's truly perfect in every way. Well here we have a truly Authentic gift set that's packed with triple award winning Biltong. But not just any ordinary Biltong put Biltong that comes in flavours that cant be found anywhere else. Add to the mix a Biltong Dip it truly is an individual gift that cant be beaten for flavour or originality.

Pick you own Biltong Dip from either 

Roast Chilli and Garlic - Add a little bit of heat to your Biltong with one with a twist of Garlic for that extra flavour.

Monkey Gland Sauce - It nothing to do with Monkey's but what a talking condiment this really is, perfect with Biltong for that little extra sweetness and just as good with Cheese its truly the ultimate talking point at the dinner table. 

It will all come pre packed in a magnificent steel tin making it truly distinctive in every way.

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What you get.

1 x Original Biltong (50g)

1 x Roasted Onion, Thyme and Pink Pepper Corn Biltong (50g)

1 x Harissa Biltong (50g)

1 x Sticky Maple Biltong (50g)

1 x Either Roast Chilli and Garlic Biltong Dip or Monkey Gland Biltong Dip.


Some flavours will contain Gluten.