Original Recipe Beef Biltong Full Sticks 200g, As eaten by the Hound GOT

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Yes this is the very same Biltong that was used on the Game Of Thrones Season 8 Ep 4 and eaten by the Hound on his start of his final journey, accept no substitute. 

You can get order on line our multi award winning Biltong in Sticks and you can now pick your level of Fat and how wet or Dry you like your Biltong. Depending on your order it may take a day or two longer to get your dispatched but trust us its well worth the wait.

All our Biltong varieties are handmade some even say crafted to perfection. We use only the finest cuts of Silverside and of course its 100% British and Irish Beef. We use just the right amount of vinegar then spices and flavours to make the perfect partnership to give our Biltong that something extra.

Is high in Protein low in Fat and low in Carb so making it a perfect healthy snack.

With generations of Farming blood in our veins back British Farmers is a must for us so we make sure each and every bag is as good as the first.


An authentic recipe enjoyed for generations across South Africa.  The simplicity of the coriander and black pepper gives this Biltong a true taste and original flavour. Normally Lean Biltong

We aim to have each stick weight approx. 200g some times this may vary slightly. More often than not the weight is over 200g rather than under.

Allergens : None                

Nutritional Information based on a 75g serving



Total Fat


Total Carbohydrate


Available carbohydrate



210 Kcals


883.5 KJ

Sodium expressed as Salt

1.46 g

Total Sugar