Scotch Bonnet Chilli Bites HOT HOT

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Like your Chilli Bites with that extra kick?

We have again teamed up with one of UKs leading Chilli Growers and sauce makers to come up with a whole new level in Chilli bites. Using Daddy Cool's chillies in all our Chilli Biltong mixes means we know what we are getting and that means quality each and every time.

We have taken our Chilli Bites back to a whole new level by adding the next level of heat by introducing scotch Bonnet to the mix

Our Chilli Biltong Bites are made using carefully selected pieces of lean silverside British Beef  (Why use anything else).  It takes a massive 260g (approx) of our freshly marinated beef to make 100g of our Chilli Biltong Bites.  With a massive 62g of protein per 100g (Approx).  The beef is carefully hand cut into strips to get the perfect size required. The meat is then marinated in our unique blend of herbs and spices that we craft using the perfect Chilli Blend. These are then left in the fridge for 48hrs to allow the meat to full take in the stunning Chilli heat and flavour The strips are then slowly air dried in our purpose built facility in the heart of the Cheshire country Side. .

The end result is a very dry as virtually all the moisture has been removed and quite a tough one to get your teeth in to, just the way its meant to be. They are truly addictive and will keep you coming back for more every time.