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5 Reasons Biltong is Perfect for Health and Fitness

Unlock the health benefits of Biltong, a high-protein snack packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Ideal for post-workout, hiking, or as a nutritious treat for kids. Boost your fitness and well-being with this convenient, tasty option.

Hailing from South Africa, Biltong comes from a long regional tradition of drying and curing meats. Before the Dutch perfected the art of creating Biltong, the local Khoisan people would cut meat into strips and air-dry it after salting. As they ventured out on long hunting expeditions, this tasty treat was the perfect nourishment mile after mile.

Today, Biltong is often seen as an on-the-go snack (and it is). However, Biltong's health benefits are also impressive, making it the best snack to take on hikes, for a post-gym snack, or for a long run.

Here's why.

5 Health Benefits from Biltong

1. High Protein

Dried meat, as you might imagine, is phenomenally high in protein. Ensuring you get adequate protein a day is a challenge for people trying to build muscle: Biltong can help.

Protein is essential for muscle repair and growth, making it a perfect post-workout snack. With Biltong, you're getting a clean protein source without any filler ingredients found in many protein bars and shakes.

Our Wagyu Beef Biltong contains 51g of protein per 100g serving (or roughly half). That's far higher than you'll find in most foods, and it all comes from British and Irish farms.

2. Tons of Vitamins and Minerals

Biltong is not just protein; it's also rich in essential vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, and B vitamins. Iron helps bring oxygen to your muscles, zinc aids in tissue formation and metabolism, and B vitamins are critical for turning food into energy.

3. Easy to Pack

Unlike many snacks that require refrigeration or careful packaging, Biltong is incredibly convenient. It's lightweight, doesn't spoil easily, and takes up minimal space. This makes it ideal for hiking trips, long runs, or even just a busy day of errands. Plus, its resealable packaging ensures it stays fresh for longer periods.

4. Incredible Taste

Let's face it: not all healthy snacks taste great. Biltong, however, offers a rich, savoury flavour profile that many people find irresistible. The meat is seasoned with a blend of spices such as coriander, salt, and pepper before being air-dried to perfection. This makes it a far more satisfying alternative to bland protein bars or shakes.

5. Safe for Children

With no artificial preservatives, Biltong is a snack you can feel comfortable giving to your kids. Protein is crucial for children's growth and development, and the vitamins and minerals in Biltong support a balanced diet. Just ensure that the Biltong you choose is low in salt and spices if you share it with younger ones.

Closing Thoughts

Biltong's health effects are overwhelmingly positive, making it the perfect companion for anyone invested in their health and fitness. Its combination of high protein, vitamins and minerals, ease of packing, great taste, and suitability for children makes it a versatile and beneficial health snack for various occasions.

Try our selection of British beef Biltong produced right here in the UK in the heart of the Cheshire countryside. We offer a wide range of flavours, from Rosemary & Garlic to Peri Peri. And, if you want to keep lean while boosting your protein intake, we also offer a choice of fat content in our larger 1 kg and 2 kg box sets (lean, some fat, and fatty).

Boost your fitness and enjoy Biltong's health benefits today.

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