Our Reward Scheme "Biltong Bucks" Learn More.

Biltong Bucks are the simplest and easiest way to gain money off rewards for just buying your Biltong form our Website.

What are "Biltong Bucks"?

Its really easy its a great way to allow us to reward each and every customer with so great money off offers, the more you spend the more point you get the more points you get the bigger the reward its that simple. All you need to do is to register for "Biltong Buck's" create an account and every time you order you will simply earn more "Buck's" .


The best part is we have made it super easy to gain points Like us on selected Social Media platforms get 50 points, share us on Facebook get 50 points. Simply sign up for "Biltong Bucks" get 200 points. Get four points for every £1 you spend! We told you it was easy didn't we.

Okay how many points does it take to get my first reward?

Easy a simple 500 points so if you register for "Biltong Bucks" 200 points, like us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that's another 150 points, then share us on Facebook that's another 50 your at 400 already ! Tell us when your birthday and BOOM you can grab your first £5 off your next order over £29.99 its that simple !

Make sure you register right away to make sure you maximise your earning potential !

(T and C's Apply)