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Our Reward Scheme "Biltong Bucks" Learn More.

Biltong Bucks are the simplest and easiest way to gain higher discounts for just buying your Biltong form our Website.

What are "Biltong Bucks"?

Its really easy its a great way to allow us to reward each and every customer with some great higher than normal discounts, the more you spend the more point you get the more points you get the bigger the reward its that simple. All you need to do is to register for "Biltong Buck's" create an account and every time you order you will simply earn more "Buck's" . 

Simply sign up for "Biltong Bucks" get 50 points. Get two points for every £1 you spend! We told you it was easy didn't we.

How do Biltong Bucks work?

We already give you some stunning automatic discounts when you buy more of certain products, what we have done is to make it so you can gain improved discounts against these deals its that easy, just for collecting Biltong Bucks.

In effect simply Boosting your discount.

How do I apply these discounts?

Just access your Biltong Bucks Account grab your unique code and redeem your voucher code at the check out that simple!

At times we may well give you the chance to earn some extra Bucks on certain products we may just give you some extra bucks just because we can but you need to make sure you are registered on news letter to make sure you are getting all the latest details make sure you are singing up by filling in the news letter subscription. To sign up just visit here and add your email address.


Any order made using Biltong Bucks that are over the £50 value will be cancelled immediately.

We reserve the right to cancel any points from any account at anytime.

You can not stack Discounts on any products.

Biltong Bucks can not to be used against all products.

If you have any questions at all just contact us and we will be happy to help.

Make sure you register right away to make sure you maximise your earning potential !

The Scheme can be amended and stopped at any time without prior notice.

If we feel that the scheme is been abused in any way we reserve the right to refuse any order using them in what we consider an inpatriate way. A refund will be given and the order cancelled.

(T and C's Apply)

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