About Us

South African Dried meats hand made in Weston, Cheshire with 100% British Beef.

100% British Beef, 100% of the time. Supporting British Farmers everyday. It's in our blood.

We are Ryan, Sheryl, Jake and Charlotte Walker, living in Cheshire but with hearts in South Africa.

Having been born and raised from generations of British farming family and both having attended Agricultural Colleges in the UK, it is of upmost importance to us that we only use British Meat in all our products.  This combined with our own knowledge and hands on Farming experience ensures we only source the best local produce to support British Farming.

After our first visit to South Africa in 2008 not only did we fall in  love with the beautiful landscapes but also the culture and way of life of the South African people.

Biltong and Droewors holds a massive place in the South African culture and is a long held tradition going back to the pioneering South African forefathers.

Its from this new found holiday delicacy and a hobby Biltong drier Birthday present that The Weston Biltong Company was born, initially for our own delight but which has since grown to delight others, especially across Cheshire, Staffordshire and now many parts of the UK.

Mr Biltong In Action at Pub In the Park Knutsford  Master Biltong in opertion Liverpool food festival     

Having started making only about 3kg a week for personal use and for family and friends we have expanded to drying well over 500kg a week (Now nearer 800kg and still growing) in a little under a year combined with even more plans for expansion to keep up with demand the future is looking very bright for us.

All our products are handcrafted to make sure that ever batch is as good as the last.

We now find ourselves in great demand as requests are been weekly for us to attend some of the biggest and most prestigious events across the UK and now even Europe !


We don't make the best Biltong in the UK ? We make our customers "Favourite"

We see lots of claims to be the "Best" Biltong makers in the UK. Well we don't make such claims in anyway what so ever. Every Biltong Maker has there very own unique way of making Biltong it may be a special Spice a certain vinager our just a slightly different drying process we are all different, to claim you are the very best is a bold statement indeed we think. So the easiest way to explain how is easy really.

We all have our favourite beer down the pub and will always choose that beer when it's there and will claim it's the Best Beer there is! Meanwhile your drinking buddy is ordering a different beer again claiming it's the best beer ever.

Lets face it we all have our Favourite Fish and Chip Shop you know the one the one that's the "best chips ever!" you will travel that extra mile just for those chips they do, however they all make Fish and Chips but that one is your Favourite, its the very same with Biltong .So what does this prove, it proves that everyone has a different preference when it comes to what's the "Best". 

So if you believe we make your "Favourite" Biltong that's fantastic, if you prefer someone else Biltong that's cool with us . We will never claim to be Makers of the “Best" Biltong in the UK or anywhere, but we do is claim is to have a great deal of customers who know that our Biltong is their "Favourite"

Our Process and Product.

The process is very simple really, if you have the right resources !

Firstly the meat is bathed in Vinegar to help cleanse and tenderise the meat.

The meat is then marinaded in our special blend of herbs and spices and left in the fridge for 24 hours.

Once marinaded the meat is hung in a drier which dries the meat through a constant air flow and very low heat (Too high or too quickly would cook the meat; (not quite the outcome we want!) This can take anything from 3 -7 days depending on the thickness of the meat and the fat content levels.

The meat is then sliced and flavoured with natural herbs and spices to the taste variations of original Biltong.

Large Scale Biltong Production