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South African Food & Drink

The Weston Biltong Company is your one-stop shop for authentic South African Food and Drink in the UK. We offer an unparalleled selection of premium, hand-picked products, imported straight from South Africa. In the spirit of celebrating diverse tastes, we aim to bring a piece of South Africa's vibrant food culture to UK households.

From the mouth-watering savoury dishes to the sweet indulgences, South African food is a fascinating blend of numerous cultures. African, Dutch, French, Indian, and Malaysian - all these influences weave together to create a rich culinary tapestry that's hard to resist. But why just hear about it when you can taste it? At The Weston Biltong Company, we're about more than just providing food and drink products; we're about sharing the experience of South African culture, one bite and sip at a time. Shop with us today, and enjoy a taste of South Africa in the heart of the UK!


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