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Our Famous Biltong Santa Sacks are back.

Our World Famous Biltong Santa Sacks are back again!

They are back again this year our truly Original Unoriginal Biltong Santa Sacks! These are a truly cracking idea to gift someone that loves Biltong/Jerky with a range of Flavours that are multi award winning and unique to us add to that a selection of Christmas Limited edition flavours its not to be missed.

You can even pick from not one or two but four different versions we have available this year so your sure to find that perfect Gift or even Secret Santa idea that will delight that person that needs something different this year.

All Options available in in 50g Snack packs or our larger 250g Packs.

So what do you get in your "Biltong Santa Sack" this year?

Option 1- 

The Christmas Edition Biltong "Santa Sack"

1 x Three Kings Flavour (A little hint Spice but not to much see what we did  there)

1 x Stuffing Flavour Biltong (A stunning blend of Fragrant Thyme, Roast Onion with a twist of Garlic. Its just Perfect for Christmas)

1 X Rudolph (No Reindeer we hurt in the making of this) Our unique twist on our favourite selling Christmas Flavour

Option 2-

The Savoury Biltong "Santa Sack"

1 x Original Biltong (Known as Rudolph Flavour)

1 x Rosemary and Garlic Biltong (One of best selling Savoury versions that's a real treat)

1 X BBQ Biltong (Like your Biltong with a little smoked flavour well you just found your match made in Heaven)

Option 3- 

The Spicy Biltong "Santa Sack"

1 x Smokey Chipotle Biltong (Mild Chilli with a stubble hint of Smoke WOW)

1 x Habanero Chilli Biltong (Medium Heat getting a hotter now but still packed with flavour that lifts the pallet)

1 X Scotch Bonnet Biltong (High Level Heat Okay your getting hot now packed with heat and flavour but not for the faint hearted in anyway)

Option 4-

The Sweet Biltong "Santa Sack"

1 x Sticky Maple (Beautiful Sweet and little sticky as name suggests very moreish)

1 x Kentucky Bourbon (A hint of the deep south with a slight Bourbon stunning in every way)

1 X Rudolph (No Reindeer we hurt in the making of this) Our unique twist on our favourite selling Christmas Flavour

Feel free to have a look at our entire Christmas Range this year we are sure you will find that special something that just perfect for your Beer Swigging, Meat Munching, Protein Loving, Biltong Fitness Freak!

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