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As used on the Game of Thrones!

Not really sure how to start this one but simply put we have just seen our Biltong on the small screen and been watched by over 17 Million people and we couldn't be happier.

If your a GOT fan you will remember season 8 Ep 5 the hound was on his Horse about to set of on his final journey during this scene he can be seen eating yes you got it our Biltong , yes the very same Biltong that's created everyday by us here.

So if you want to get your hands on what we supplied just click here and get you hands on what fuelled the Hound !Game of Thrones Biltong/The Hound/Weston Biltong Company

Game of Thrones/Biltong/Weston Biltong Company

And zoom in a little yes that biltong was created by us !

Biltong on the game of thrones/Weston Biltong Company/

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