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Best Biltong in the UK

Who really does make the best Biltong in the UK?

Making our Customers Favourite Biltong is what we do.

We see many claims out there claiming to make the best Biltong in the UK. We for clearly obvious reasons don't make that claim. There's a few simple reasons to this. The first one been personal taste. Everybody's preference for not just Biltong but any other food and drink out there can be completely different to the person sat next to them. We've all been to the local pub, ordered a pint when your friend next to you says this beer is better than that beer who's right who's wrong? Who's to say? Who's the expert? Nobody. Its all down personal preference. It's the same when it comes to Biltong. There are so many variations in Biltong. It's hard to actually comprehend which one is best How do you equate what's best? We don't think its that simple. When you consider Biltong can be considered to be just perfect whether it's lean, Fatty, or contains your some fat. Do you like your built on wet or dry? Do you like it called thin or thick? The slight differences in recipes are massive making variations in Biltong absolutely phenomenal and that's where we don't lay claim to make the very best. Yes we truly do believe that our Biltong is something very special indeed, its all hand made by us from start to finish no middle men involved no third parties making what we love just us doing what we have become famous for making some truly very special Biltong.

What we do lay claim to is we make our customers favourite that in our eyes is all that matters. To see customers coming back time after time ordering our Biltong over the website or coming to see us at food festivals. It really is something quite heart-warming. We are a small family company using a traditional South African recipe that took years of developing from scratch by us.

Best Biltong in the UK

Add to that our reviews and feedback (mostly verified by the likes of Trustpilot) the key word here is verified, by this we mean that once you have ordered via our website Trustpilot will randomly email the customer asking for a review of of services and products. This means that any reviews left by this method are verified as they can be connected to an actual order and not created by unlawful means. So with a current score of Excellent 4.8 on Trustpilot we are the highest rated Independent Biltong producers in the UK. Does that make us the UK best we will let you make your mind up on that one, but it really does say a lot about what we do. CLICK HERE to see our latest feedback

Best Biltong in the UK

With Verified Reviews like

"Amazing service brilliant product it’s all gone already"

"Excellent product and the staff at Weston Biltong are so helpful and efficient.
Taste is sensational and beats any try hard supermarket version.
We stock in the pub and the biggest issues we have is it selling out to quick

Make the purchase you won’t regret it…"

"Great authentic South African products. A taste of home!

"The deliveries are always on time and customer service is great."

We must be doing something right.

We use nothing but 100% British beef some of the best beef in the world we truly do believe well we are farming family, so we will say that. But overall if you see somebody making claims to be the best at anything, sometimes you've got to stand back look at what they're actually claiming to understand why they're saying it and then make your own conclusions as we do.

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