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Biltong outlets Pubs, Clubs Delis and Bars all across the UK

So you may of noticed that we are very quickly picking up lots of outlets for our stunning rang of Biltong. Its a great feeling been able to team up with lots of small business across the UK from small farm shops to larger operations.

We really don't mind how big or small you are if your looking to range Biltong and you are looing for something that's different from the norm we are happy to help. We don't ask for massive minimum orders or silly design costs for the labels, we love just keeping it very simple and more so easy for you.

We offer a full support programme if you need it from displays to how we make it and anything else you think you may need.

Rest assured we have all the credentials needed from a top scoring 5 rating from our Local council (East Cheshire) a robust production facility that's about to cope with bigger orders and our UK accreditation that allows us to distribute all across  the UK

If your looking to range your own Biltong but don't know where to start just fill in the form on this link and let us get back in touch with you and go over all the options we have available, we appreciate that every business is different so we use our knowledge and skills to help find the right solution for you and your business.

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