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Biltong Christmas Gift Idea's

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas.

It's that time of year again when we all start to think about Christmas and what do we get that someone that has everything? You guessed it we have the answer for you and this year is no exception when it comes to something a little bit different from the norm shall we say. (Its what we do)

First up this year are our Easy to Use Biltong Making Kits

We now have two versions of these available not just one like we had last year. Version one is our Easy to use Biltong Making kit comes with everything you need to make your own Biltong as home, as we say all you need is the "Heat and the Meat" (Oven and Meat) with full easy to use instructions its a winner for anyone that wants to try making their Biltong at home. Yes its not the traditional way of making Biltong but you will be staggered how close it gets you in a fraction of the time using just your oven. No need for expensive drying equipment.

Comes loaded with 

‣ A pair of disposable gloves
‣ Full Instruction leaflet
‣ Authentic South African Biltong seasoning (MSG Free)
‣ Malt vinegar x 2
‣ Marinating bag x 1
‣ Wooden skewers x 5

Premium Make Your own Biltong Kit

The second version is very similar to what we had on offer last year and this allows you to craft 1.5kg of meat in not one flavour but three. This includes Original, Chilli and Sticky Maple versions all three of our best sellers. 

Comes bursting with

1- Biltong Original Spice Mix (Enough for 500g of Meat) Gluten Free
2- Chilli Biltong Spice Mix (Enough for 500g of Meat) Gluten Free
3- Sticky Maple Biltong Spice Mix (Enough for 500g of Meat) Contains Gluten.
4- Atomiser (This allows even coating of the meat) with enough Malt Vinegar to treat 1.5kg of Meat.
5- 2 x Steel reusable hanging hooks.
6- 3 x Resealable Marinade bags.
7- One pair of Powder free Vinyl Gloves.
8- Fully wipeable instructions easy to keep and wipe down if required.
9- All Delivered in a study and reusable silver window fronted gift tin.
10- Knowledge that all the above has been created with over 15 years experience of creating some of the UKs finest Biltong. Added to that Generations of Farming Blood in our veins plus Family History from South Africa we truly do know what makes great Biltong.


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So what are you waiting for checkout our stunning range of unique gift ides for that person that truly does have everything.



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