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Clitheroe Food Festival, Biltong in the rain.

Clitheroe Food Festival, Biltong in the rain.

It was another event that took us back to our roots this weekend this time it was the turn of Clitheroe Food Festival, this is very close to our hearts as we once Farmed land in the Ribble Valley. I spent many years in this area farming the beautiful Lancashire country side, homing generation of Farming Knowledge. So to come back ever year to meet and have a catch up with family and friends again is well worth the travel. This is the one were we always take two staff mainly due to Mr Biltong catching up with the family most of the day !

Clitheroe Food Festival/Biltong Stall/Biltong in the UK



This year was once a again was another busy event for us seeing lots of our on line customers making there way to Clitheroe to grab a Biltong Fix as well as chat and brew at the end of the day, the weather was typical Lancashire weather it was shall we say a little bit wet, but us hardened Northerners don't mind a bit of rain and you still came out in your thousands.

This year saw our brand new famous Sweet Chilli and Lime Biltong fly of the shelf seems like you remember it form last year and have been coming back for a lot more !


What was a great surprise was that when a local customer to us in Cheshire came and had a restock, all the way from Northwich which oddly enough is where the Boss was that very same day. 


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