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Delightfully Sinful Fatty Biltong

Delightfully Sinful Fatty Biltong

One size does not fit all when it comes to fat content.

We here don't believe that one size fits all when it comes to our Biltong. When we say that we mean that not everyone agrees what's the best way to enjoy your Biltong weather that be Lean, Some Fat or Fatty, it really is personal option. 

Fatty Biltong/Dirty Biltong/Pick your fat Level/Jerky

So why is our Fatty Biltong Special?

That's a really simple one, we hand select every silverside for its fat content when it arrives. Every Silverside is very different in fat content and we grade ours before it's cut spiced and prepped to make sure we only select the finest Really Fatty ones for our entire Fatty Range. With all our Beef coming from British Farmers we also know that the up most care has been taken in raising of the animals, well coming from generations of farming stock we know what it takes to make great Biltong and that's great meat.

As we are known as "The Original Unoriginal Biltong Company" you can now take your pick of flavours as well in our fatty rang, so if you fancy a change from your Original Biltong why not have a try of our Award winning Sticky Maple Version or even our famous Salt and Pepper version as well. Not forgetting our mouth watering Chilli variety as well we really do have you covered when it comes to something very very special. Available in 1kg or 2kg Box sets.



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