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Gavin "The Bull" Bilton at the Worlds Strongest Man.

A while back now we decided to approach a fella by the name of Gavin "The Bull" Bilton for so many reasons. His name was just perfect for what we do "Bilton" really yes that's his name. Add to that his nick name is "The Bull" it was such a perfect fit we had to do something and we did.  Gavin was aiming to become one of the worlds elite Strong Men and he needed a little help in doing that and protein been one of them and that is where we came in.

UK Strongest man/Protein/Biltong supplier/Strongman

So we started to supply him with a massive amount of the ultimate protein snack and not just any Protein snack but 50% pure protein snack that is our Biltong from Smokey Chip to Sticky Maple flavour we made it our mission to make sure he had enough for him to power his way to the becoming the Worlds Strongest Man.

So this year saw him grab the title of The UKs Strongest man and it was no surprise to us in anyway he spent so many hours in the Gym working out pushing himself to the max and it paid off in a behind closed door event in Belfast. Blowing away the competition he now set himself on the track to achieve something very special.

Strongman Biltong/Protein/Worlds Strongest man Biltong/Beast Biltong

On the back of this he was awarded a slot on the Worlds Strongest Man event in Florida 2020 and we could be prouder, from humble beginnings in South Wales to the biggest stage Strong man events has to offer in just over 2 years its truly amazing to see how far he has come.


Worlds strongest man/Biltong/Beast Biltong/Strongman

So if your after Biltong that really does fuel the Bull your in the right place.


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