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Biltong Gift Ideas not just for Christmas

We love doing things a little bit different round here and that's why we have come up with a selection of Gift ideas that are perfect all year round and not just for Christmas. 

We all know Biltong lover and when its that time of year when its a Birthday or Anniversary and you don't want to buy just any old Biltong but something that's a little bit different to norm you have found just the place. 

From stunning Selection Boxes with a huge 10 Different flavours of Biltong packed inside all hand crafted by us for you. Or do you need something a little bigger we have Gift Boxes that allow you add different items to create your very own gift set made with just the things you need and nothing more.

We cater for the budding Chief in your life with a Bucket Packed with original South African Braai Salts a absolute must for any BBQ. Its just perfect with meat or fish even Chicken add an extra level to your Cheese on toast or Beans its just works.


Did you know that Curry is a staple diet in South Africa and with their owned unique blends such as Cape Malay and Durban Curry its something truly authentic and yes we have that too. Both come in 370g jars ready made all you need to do is add the meat or veg or both whatever you prefer. They or a mild level so not over hot. 

Need to wash all that down with something that come straight from South Africa why not grab a can or two of Spar Letta Creme soda a best seller in the sunshine its a green as the can and just  with a flavour to match !

Now we have added our branded Ruck Sacks to range they are just perfect to carry all your Biltong and other goodies in and also show everyone just how much you love what we do !

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