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Now Ranging Other South African Food and drink

Having spent a great deal of time in the beautiful South Africa we have been very lucky to be able to sample not just the Biltong delights but many many other stunning South African food and drinks and we have decided to start to introduce some of these to our on line range. We have been asked many many times at Food festivals and events all across the UK if sell others well known SA foods and now we can say a definite yes to that. 

So from today you can now order on line along with your Biltong, Droewors and Chilli Bites a gradually increasing range of other South African Food and Drinks.

To start with we are ranging the truly Unique and incredible popular Spar Letta Creme-Soda (Yes that's the correct spelling LOL) in individual Cans or packs of 6

The equally famous Mrs Balls Chutney a beautiful blend of Peaches and Apricots and others spices to create a stunning sauce that works with just about anything.

Add to that Ouma Butter Milk Rusks the best selling rusk in SA what more do you need with you Morning Brew to get you going?

Why not add some spice to your life with a Cape Malay Curry sauce created for us by our great friends at Big 5 Sauce crafted by a real Saffa with a flavour to savour. Its a very mild curry with all the flavour you would expect from a hand made Curry Sauce yes still has a little kick but perfect if you like curry with out the bite.

And last but not least for the moment our very own Braai Salts in a massive 500g Bucket the true taste of Africa for every Braai (BBQ to us Brits) just sprinkle it on meat, fish, chicken or even cheese or beans it just works.

If you can think of anything else you would like to consider ranging please do let us know by filling in the form HERE.


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