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Original Biltong at its very best.

Once again its been a mad busy here at the Weston Biltong Company as we have been creating some of the finest Biltong you can find.


We are well know for our massive range of flavours that we create and that is what makes us very different indeed, but did you know it all first started with our creation of now famous Original Flavour. This has been created by us to give our biltong a truly original taste of Africa. Having family living our in SA the first thing we always do is a quick trip to the nearest Biltong store and over the years we have forged some great relationships with the true genuine Biltong Makers out in SA, we have spent days working with these guys getting to understand what makes a truly authentic flavour and we have captured that knowledge and created our very own blend of spices to get as close as we can to the real deal.

So our Biltong has been crafted from not just a quick trip to SA but years of traveling and gathering knowledge from far and wide across SA, having family out in SA is a massive advantage as they are always on the look out for new ideas and old traditions that will help us create even more authentic flavours. 

We dont use any old made up spices or one of the shelf but one that taken us years to refine and develep in to somthing that you clearly love. 


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