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Biltong Subscription Service/Biltong Box/Carnivore Club

Our Biltong Subscription service just got better.

Are you looking for a Biltong Subscription service that keeps you in total control well we have just the answer for you.

Lots of subscription service rely on you forgetting to cancel your Direct Debit or standing order month after month, well not here we don't. You will each month or week receive a simple reminder asking if you want to order again, all the reorder details will be found on your email so no messing. If you don't want to reorder don't pay, no messy Direct Debits or Standing Orders to set up or forget about. You really are in total control.

What else makes our Subscription service a market leader?

1- No Direct Debit or standing order to set up.

2- You can create your vey own Biltong Subscription Box. (We do have some set ones that offer even better value CLICK HERE) but you can create you very own bespoke box to receive each week/month. Just select the items you want in your Biltong box click the subscription option when adding to your cart pay the first order and that's its your set up and running. The hardest part is deciding on what flavours and pack sizes you need.

3- You can change your order each and every month/week.

4- Skip a month/week if you don't need a Biltong top up. We all have that time of year when money is tight and you can just about stretch out your Biltong supply another week so don't click and pay leave it a while until your ready to order again just use the original link we sent you.

5- Add more if you need extra on your next order.

6-You get the biggest selection of Biltong flavours you can find anywhere.

7-No catches.

8-No Commitment

9-Total Flexibility

10- 10% All subscription orders not just your first order but each and everyone you will get a 10% off the RRP.

11- Nearly forgot this one, you can now use your Biltong Bucks against all our subscriptions! 

Any questions at all please let us know by CLICKING HERE


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