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Rosemary and Garlic Biltong stands the test of time

Rosemary and Garlic Biltong stands the test of time

We are well known for our intuitive flavours and the range that we offer and are always on the look out for different flavours to add to our range.

When we look back at the first flavours we tried we always talk about our Rosemary and Garlic flavour. This one the very first experimental flavours that we tried and it took us a little while to really get the balance of flavours just right, to much Garlic and well you guessed it over powering to little you get no Garlic at all. Did you know Garlic was known to the ancient Egyptians and has been used as a food flavouring and as a medicine for centuries now. In the days of the Romans it was used a food for the poor. At the moment China also produce over 80% of the worlds garlic.

Garlic and Rosemary Biltong/Member Biltong/Made By us/Hand crafted

Add to that Rosemary and in just the right amount and you have somthing really very special indeed. Rosemary is member of the Mint family and its name comes from the Latin "Ros Marinus" (Dew of the sea), the plant is also sometimes called "Anthos" from the Greek's meaning "Flower".

So if you after the original unorignal Biltong Flavours you have found us and somthing that we think is very special indeed.

If you after a full kilo of the really good stuff for just £32.50 click here and at the same time you pick your fat content as well.

For a full range of flavours click here.



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