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Royal Cheshire County Show

Royal Cheshire County Show

So its still going our massive UK tour is well under way and we are loving it, spreading the word of Biltong across our stunning Country. We seem to picking up more and more Biltong Addicts everywhere we go so we must be doing something right that's for sure. May be its our truly stunning range of flavours we offer, our unique blend of spices we use or just the simple fact you love what we do and more to the point how we do it.

Weston Biltong Company/From Our Farmers/Biltong Addicts Biltong Renewable power/Biltong Addicts/Weston Biltong Company

So this week is a busy one again foe us and its a local event to start with this time its off to the Royal Cheshire County Show on 19th-20th June, a really local venue for us and will be packed with truck load of things to see and do from Farm Animals to stunning Food to a massive shopping area and a Farmers Market always a great day out for everyone.

Royal Cheshire Show/Weston Biltong Company/Biltong Addicts

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