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The Story of Weston Biltong Company.


Why Make Biltong?

We have been making some of the UKs most popular biltong and related products for nearly 20 years.

We started to make our Biltong as a hobby nearly 20years ago, as more and more people started to understand what Biltong was we were receiving orders from more and more people. We then due to changes in life decided to look at the idea as a real business venture and from that the Weston Biltong Company was Born officially on the 17th May 2016, registered as real business and fully approved we were one of the very first truly family run biltong business in the UK.

Our venture stared attending local Farmers Markets across the North West and as time progressed we started to look and attend bigger events all across the UK. As word grow about us and what we were doing it didn't take long for our products to be noticed and demand soured, meaning we needed to increase production. We made some pretty dramatic decision by ditching all our Biltong dryers and replaced them with a purpose built drying rooms. 

From the very beginning we supplied restaurants and retail shops with our Biltong. Our loyal and rapidly growing customer base, both on our on line shop and wholesale, meant increased demand for our products and we soon realised that we have run out of space! Meaning we need to secure a unit based not to far from our home operation and in 2020 we found the perfect place and we moved in to our very own distribution unit based in Alasger.  This meant we could now delivery even more products due to the massive increase in available space, at the same time ensuring we stuck to our roots and making all our own Biltong by hand from start to finish.


Due to this ever-growing demand for our products we opened our custom-built facility in Weston, Crewe Cheshire 6 years ago. Prior to this we had been using Biltong Dryers but these quickly became redundant due to there high running costs, difficult to clean and by using forced warm air a lower quality product. The Weston Biltong Company is a fully HACCP accredited manufacturing facility with a current 5-rating from the local EHO and just one of a handful carrying the legally required FSA accreditation.

Our facility is small enough to ensure the consistent high standard of quality in our products, yet our infrastructure lends itself to enable us to increase our current production levels when required.

We have recently invested substantially in new and improved processing- and packing but rest assured we still do everything by hand from meat prep to cutting and packing.

We also manufacture Biltong for a select number of other butchers, using their own supplied meat to ensure their customers receive the same quality product they’re used to buying. The very first Biltong Company to offer this service. This is something we are well know for and are always looking to help out new clients with this very simple costs effective process. With our farming heritage and experience in the world of making Biltong we are well place to get the results your looking for.

Apart from making the very best BiltongDroewors and Boerewors, we also range a select range of SA food and drink as well. Having a family connection to the the beautiful SA we are well versed in what ex pats are looking for.

How do we make our Biltong?

Our Biltong and Droewors are made the traditional way by simulating the cold, dry conditions of winter in the Highveld, this was historically the best time of year to make Biltong!

The Weston Biltong Company uses only 100% British and Irish Beef from local sources in all manufacturing all our products, thereby ensuring the quality of our end product.

After we’ve cured the biltong steaks for 24hrs in our own mixture of spices, vinegar and…(sorry, the rest is a secret!), we hang our biltong and  place them in our custom-built drying rooms. We circulate cold, dry air through our 8m x 8m drying rooms and slowly extract the moisture from the meat, very similar to the process of making prosciutto.

Unlike some of those trying to emulate our products and methods, we do not use heat in our process as that dramatically changes the texture, colour and flavour of Biltong. Drying Biltong at a high temperature might speed up the process, but you then end up with an inferior product, similar to beef jerky where a lot of the nutrients have been lost!

We pride ourselves on using our own unique recipes and mixing all of our own spices in-house.

Our ingredients are sourced locally, negating the reliance on imported spices and shortages caused by delays in shipping etc. This also helps to ensure the quality and consistency of our Biltong and other products.

Why we do what we do.

Our philosophy is simple: We are constantly and consistently striving to exceed your expectations!

Our integrity and the quality of our service can be experienced in the quality of our products.

We believe that our Biltong and related products are superior in flavour, texture and quality to any other similar product currently available on the market.

On a personal note, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the interest and support I have received over the years. It’s been both humbling and rewarding and I am forever grateful to everybody who has contributed to our success.

We look forward to sending you some Biltong soon!


Team WBC


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