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We are back in Biltong production for 2023.

After our busiest Christmas ever we are back at what we do best, making all our Biltong by hand.

With a quick look back at 2022 we saw some amazing achievements to say the least.

A few highlights from this year include
1- Our biggest volume ever sent out for online orders.
2- Introduced several new lines to our gift section.
3- We served our highest number of customers at Christmas Markets ever (Despite doing few events)
4- We are currently the highest rated Biltong Company in the UK On Trust Pilot
5- Opened our unit for you to come and shop.
6- Gain our licence to sell imported Beers, Wine and Brandy's.
7- Became Cheshire's Best Food Producer (Very proud of this one)
8- Our wholesale base has grown by over 500%
9- Our range of SA food and drink is now over 100 different items.
So how do we improve on last year? That's never an easy question to answer at the start of any year but 2023 looks like it going to offer some very different challenges to say the least. 
We are very lucky in the fact that we are a small (Ish) family run operation that's in charge of all aspects of what we do from productions, bag designs, social media and well everything in-between really. This offers us some great advantages in the fact we can change things at a moments notice and we experienced that a lot during Christmas 2022. The main issue was the postal strikes that caused a massive strain on not just the parcels they were delivering but also the extra pressure on other delivery partners we use. At one stage we had over 600 parcels that we due to be sent out but were unable to be collected by DPD, however we called in a favour from DHL (Its not what you know its who you know LOL) who very kindly offered to take these for us, with one condition....that we delivered them to there sorting depot in Stafford. So with over 600 parcels that all needed address adding manually we set about making sure all the Christmas orders in that batch were manually labelled by us and driven to the depot in Stafford by us. And yes it worked a treat with all of them getting delivered within 48 hrs. That's just one example of how been smaller sometimes makes things in business a lot easier to deal with, as one of our regular customers says "Its far easier turning a Tug Boat than the Titanic and we all know what happened to that".
So its a new year and and we have already been taken by surprise by the volume of orders that continue to come in. Normally we see a massive slow down compared to Christmas time in regards to orders, something you would expect to see really. However this year we have seen quite the opposite to that with orders flooding in right over Christmas and New Year and now even in to the early part of January 2023, something we really did not expect to be seeing.
So we have already added a extra couple of load of Meat orders to our schedule for Jan and Feb to make sure we are carrying enough stock for the next few weeks. This may sound very simple but when you make all your own Biltong from scratch its involves a lot more work than what you think. From Prepping the Silversides, seasoning the meat, hanging the meat, cutting the now Biltong and packaging it all by hand it truly isn't a simple process. If your a massive producers you have machines to do most of this work for you and that's why you see very uniform slices in your packs you pick up in some of the larger stores across the UK. The slicer they use create a very uniform cut of meat, they tend to cut them in square blocks for a larger surface area (To speed up drying times) and are cut by massive slicers that can slice at an even thickness. We don't do any of that we hand cut and prep in every step of the way and that's why we say "Authentic Biltong" not just in taste but in the whole preparation process, that means that every slice of our Biltong is unique, yes you will see slight variations in every piece as just as it should be. We are sure that back in the day the whole idea of having massive drying towers with machines making Biltong would of been scoffed at and that is what we do what we do the way we do it.
So with all hands back on deck you can get your hands on truly multi award winning Biltong in a massive range of flavours and different fat levels as well.
CLICK HERE to see our full range of Biltong Ideas.
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