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We Support British Farmers from all across the UK.

So you may of noticed that we love Backing British Farmers in everything that we do and we have one simple reason, its down to fact we have over 7 generations of farming blood in our veins and we truly believe that British Farmers make the finest produces that you can find anywhere.

So still with family farming across the UK we truly believe that the knowledge we have gained over 100s of years from our farms makes what we do truly different to anyone else, combine that with family based in SA we truly do believe that we create something really special here at the "Weston Biltong Company"

Add to that the stunning selection of flavours we have its difficult to compare us to anyone else really, topped off with a multi award winning business and that's not just  our products but also how we conduct our business we truly are the Original Unoriginal Biltong to Follow.

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