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What makes us different to all the rest? Biltong at its very best.

We get asked what makes us different from the rest we can think of many reason however the first few that spring to mind are.

1- We have generations of farming blood in our veins and by that we mean 100s of years over 7 generations now that all adds up to possible the most experience ever found in farming for a Biltong producer and with already more generations getting their hands mucky on the farm the future is looking bright.

2- We only use 100% British Beef in all our products from a locally sourced partnership we have developed over the years. Working again with a butcher with generations of knowledge under his belt we believe we have the perfect combination to allow us to support British Farmers from the whole of the UK.

3-All our meat is sourced from Red Tractor assured farms this simply means its reared to the highest possible standards you can find in the UK. No ifs buts or maybes we insists on the best.

4- As from the 2nd May 2019 we will be using 100% Renewable energy in all our Biltong Production from start to finish, we are coastally looking  on how we can improve our Carbon Footprint so we believe this goes a long way making life better for everyone.

5- All our products are made at our home in our purpose built facility in the heart of the Cheshire Countryside. This allows us to keep a full track 24/7 of the whole process from start to finish. So when ever our biltong reaches the perfect condition we are able to have it packed and dispatched the very same day if needed. Again this goes a long way to helping reduce our Carbon Footprint.  

6-Having Family based in South Africa we regularly travel to the home land of Biltong we take time out to visit local producers across the rainbow Nation to get a real feel of what makes great Biltong, we didn't pick up what we know from a quick trip, its taken years of gathering knowledge to allow us to do what we do.

7-Award winning and that's not just for our products but for how we conduct our business and we have built in such a short space of time plus the fact we have really established ourselves as one of the leading innovators in the Biltong world by doing things the right way.

8-The easiest one really #NotAllBiltongIsBlackAndWhite.

And that's just a few......


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