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Where can i find South African Food and Drink Near me?

We have a long history of crafting some of the UKs finest Biltong in the widest range of flavours you can find. With a selection of Fat levels as well its why we are as well known as we are.

And now we have pulled together some of your favourite South African food and Drink that will really remind you of home. Including Ouma Rusks in three different varieties including Buttermilk, Condensed Milk and Muesli  add to that the amazing Romany Creams in both Classic Choc Chip and Mint Choc. If you after some Ghost Popos we now have you covered with them as well. Or how about a really classic with ProNutra well yo guessed it we have it.

What we have also done is created some stunning Grocery Box sets with all your favourites in one Box, by buying this way you also save even more as well. Take you pick from 

Classic South African Grocery Box 

Or if you need a little more get your hands on our Family Box

With an ever growing list of goodies the very best way is to sign up to the mailing list to make sure you are first to know about any extra additions we have coming in.

With all the SA goodies you need in one place we think we have you well covered.

To see our full range CLICK HERE


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