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Who can make Biltong for my Business?

Are you looking to start you own Biltong business (White Label) , but don’t have the time, knowledge or space? The Weston Biltong Company can help.  We specialise in helping other like minded people to start up their own Biltong company with non of the stress, hassle or large investment.

Starting a Biltong Business
We will take the time to establish exactly what you are looking for, the market you are aiming at and anything else you may need to consider. We provide everything from the production process to packaging and branding at no extra cost.  So what are you waiting for get in touch with us to get the ball rolling. 

How do i start a Biltong Business

We don’t have extortionate minimum orders because we know what it’s like getting a business like this going! but rest assured we also have the capability to keep up with demand when you really get established.

We already produce for small independent gym’s, pubs, clubs and Bars all across the UK.  It’s not just Biltong companies we support but any small independent trader or business looking to sell Biltong.
As we are a 'Small' independent family run operation we know what a personal touch is and that’s what makes us different. We already produce Biltong for some of the UK’s best up and coming independent brands so why not see what all the fuss is about to get in touch CLICK HERE

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