The Ultimate Biltong Christmas Gift Box 7 unique gifts in one.

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Are you looking for that perfect Christmas Gift for that someone that has it all, that's someone that you really cant find anything for, well here you have the perfect solution a truly unique gift idea that really cant be found anywhere else.

We pride ourselves on coming up with truly unique flavours and taste combinations that just work and not to be found anywhere else. (Lets be honest Monkey Gland Sauce how many of them will they be opening on Christmas Day morning?)

Christmas Gift Box what do you get.

In this unique gift set you will get 5 of our limited edition flavours  (50g Bags) and they include.

1 x Rainbow Pepper Flavour Biltong, a truly unique twist of different pepper corns to give it a little more pepper kick than found in our original Biltong.

1 x Rosemary and Garlic Biltong this was last Christmas favourite so much so we have added to this year collection again, its another one that just works a little hint of Garlic and then the flavour of Rosemary a real flavour treat.

1 x Lemon Peppa now here's one we have been working on far a while a really flavour treat the great flavour of Black pepper and we have added a twist of Lemon at the end not to bitter but just enough to make you go uuhhmm.

1 X Our Best seller this year made using a fabulous blend of Mexican Chipotle Chilli's with a Smoky twist as we say our best seller this year so it just had to be added.

1 x Sticky Maple A Weston Biltong Original with a hint of sweetness. This one really appeals to the Jerky lovers for its taste yet still retains its Biltong texture.

1 X Monkey Gland Sauce AKA (Zingy BBQ) Biltong Dip, oh yes another unique offering from us and again no Monkeys were hurt during the making of this. So what is? It is a stunning BBQ Sauce with a little extra Zing to it, its not to hot its more sweet than heat a perfect combination to go with your Biltong or anything really from Burgers to Cheese !

1x Roast Chilli and Garlic Dip this is our Great Taste award winning  Biltong Dip and it does what is says on the jar. Its warm one is this but not over hot, combined with a stunning flavour of Garlic you cant go wrong really. Again can be used on anything you like from Cheese on toast to an alternative Pizza Base. Still a great addition to any Biltong lovers collection.

All perfectly presented in this stunning Gift Box.

So here you have it the truly unique Gift set Box for Biltong Lovers and Biltong Virgins alike or just simply that one person that drives you daft every year and you can never find that gift that's different and just perfect at the same time. It really is the gift for the person with everything.

All our Biltong varieties are handmade some even say crafted to perfection. We use only the finest cuts of Silverside and of course its 100% British and Irish Beef. We use just the right amount of vinegar then spices and flavours to make the perfect partnership to give our Biltong that something extra.




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