Our Sponcered Partners

We take real pride in been able to support as many charity ventures as we can every year, this year so far we have help to support 3 major groups across the UK, over the next few days will be adding some more detail on who these are and how you can also help.

Dirt and Diesel In Aid of Cancer Research UK

First of all we have Dirt and Diesel, this is a young gentleman is travelling from one end of the UK to the other on a 1954 David Brown 25D Tractor that used to belong to a relative who sadly passed away from Cancer. Seems like a great tribute to us combine that with the great Farming Connection seems like a great idea to us.

So we will be fuelling Tom over the entire journey with our Biltong and other goodies to keep him going.

Please like his page on Facebook subscribe to his YouTube channel some really great stuff on it (Hes quite the comedian)


Dirt and Diesel/The Weston Biltong Company/Cancer Research  

Much more to come !