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Amarula Cream Liqueur

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Discover something exotic with Amarula Cream! From South Africa and made with natural ingredients, just pour it over ice and enjoy its smooth, flavourful richness. Take a daring plunge into a different world!

Original Amarula Cream Liqueur

The Original Amarula Cream Liqueur is made with a smooth cream liqueur, which has been infused with the Marula fruit, an exotic fruit grown in South Africa, where it is distilled and aged in oak caskets for two years.

Amarula Vanilla Spice Liqueur

Vanilla Spice Amarula is a fragrant and aromatic cream liqueur, which combines a smooth and velvety cream liqueur with notes of Marula fruit, vanilla and ginger, alongside other spices.

Amarula Ethiopian Coffee Liqueur

Ethiopian Coffee Amarula features the signature taste of cream liqueur blended with Marula fruit. Enhanced with bold and fragrant notes of Ethiopian Arabica coffee beans for a chocolatey, mocha style undertone. You'll also notice notes of citrus and caramel, for a smooth, rich and fragrant taste.

Amarula Raspberry, Chocolate And African Baobab Liqueur

Raspberry, Chocolate And African Baobab Amarula features creamy and smooth notes of chocolate, infused with raspberry and baobab, which provides you with citrus style notes. A fresh and well rounded flavour.

Amarula African Cocoa Liqueur

Amarula Cream Liqueur has been combined with a velvety milk chocolate, providing you with the distinct taste of African Cocoa Beans. 

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