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Beacon Maynards Original Wine Gums (39g)

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Tracing its beginnings back to 1880 when Charles Riley Maynard established his sweet enterprise in the United Kingdom, the Maynards brand has been a part of confectionery lore ever since. Charles Gordon Maynard, who succeeded his father as head of the family business in 1909, is credited with the invention of the iconic wine gum, though it was difficult to persuade the teetotaler Charles senior of the product's innocence. In 1949, Beacon acquired the rights to the Maynards brand in Southern Africa and since then, the tri-colored rolls of wine gums have become a feature of homes and a cinema-goers' essential companion. In 2004, Beacon set out to create a new confectionary superpower, merging six gum, jelly, bean, and chew brands under the Maynards umbrella and rejuvenating the brand's personality. The Maynards Manufacturing Unit is located in Jacobs, Durban in South Africa.


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