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Biltong And Beer Hamper (FREE SHIPPING)

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Biltong Hamper Set

Looking for something just a little bit Special for the Biltong, Jerky Lover or simply the ultimate Carnivore in your life?

This Hamper comes packed with 

10 x Packs of Biltong (35g) One of each of our stunning flavours (You wont find more flavours anywhere)

Then Pick your favourite 2 Tipples from

Castle Lite (340ml 4% ABV)

Castle Lager (340ml 5% ABV)

Hunters Gold Cider (330ml 4.5% ABV)

Hunters Dry Cider (330ml 5.5% ABV)

With so many flavours and gift ideas why not just get them all in this stunning gift set.

All wrapped up in a stunning Eco-Friendly alternative hamper.  You might be fooled into thinking it's real wicker due to the impeccable detail, complete with realistic printed straps, hinges and idiosyncrasies you find in a willow hamper. This hamper has an overlapping hinged lid, which mimics the unboxing experience of a real hamper. It is meticulously designed inside as well. A contemporary alternative wicker hamper.



Sticky Maple

Smokey Chip

Salt and Vinegar

Peri Peri



Rosemary and Garlic

Salt and Pepper.


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