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Biltong Variety Pack Wagyu Beef and Exotic

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We know its incredibly difficult to decide on which will be your favourite Biltong treat so we have pulled together this astonishing selection together to allow you to sample every version we currently range. From our stunning Wagyu Beef Biltong Range stacked with that extra flavour you would expect from such an exquisite cut of beef, then sample the delights of our unique Kangaroo Biltong that just bursting with protein and a rich beautiful flavour that just melts. Ostrich Biltong then awaits you a delectable flavour bursting with a remarkable texture that's truly individual. Then to finish off with a breath-taking Venison Biltong that's been crafted from the very finest Venison reared at Tatton Park in the Heart of Cheshire. And now including our signature Zebra Biltong (All in 35g Packs)

MSG and Gluten Free High in Protein and Low in Carbs there is no better to experience an Exotic range of Biltong. Hand prepared by Experts in small batches using only the finest ingredients the way it should be.

All rolled together in one extraordinary box set, its the ultimate way to experience exotic Biltong.

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