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Chilli Bites (250g)

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Chilli Biltong Bites, if you know you know what these are, if not, these are thinly cut strips of Beef then blended with herbs and spices and dried in the very same way as regular Biltong but with a real Chilli Kick! However they are a lot dryer than normal Biltong and a really good chew from start to finish.  High in protein and so very moreish, if you like your Biltong very dry these are just for you.


Ingredients: Beef; flavouring (celery); maize flour (Gluten); maize meal; colourants; MSG (flavouring enhancer); hydrogenated vegetable fat; (palm Fruit; anticaking agent regulator; spice extract (antioxidant – TBHQ); malt vinegar; barley; celery; salt; spices; sugar; preservatives (potassium sorbate) Worcestershire sauce; Chilli Powder.

Allergens In Bold: Celery, Gluten. may contain egg, milk; mustard; soy; fish

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