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Hansa Pilsener Bottles (330ml) 6 pack

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Raise a glass of Hansa Pilsener, an invigorating and flavorful lager with a crisp finish. Distinctive Saaz Hop notes infuse each sip with a spicy, aromatic profile. The golden colour and foamy head are the first to tantalize the eye. Hints of malt, hops and a hint of citrus tantalize the nose. Rich flavour and perfect balance of malt and hop bitterness refresh the palate. Perfect for a hot summer day, a rewarding treat, or any celebration, Hansa Pilsener carries a legacy of fine craftsmanship. It began in 1980, over 35 years ago, when this Pilsener enthralled as 'the one that refreshes'. Though the bottle and slogan have changed slightly since then, each sip still refreshes. Enjoy Hansa's timeless quality and sophisticated flavours - cheers to moments well spent!



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