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Kameeldoring Braai Wood (Packed Polypropylene Bags)

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This tree with a distinctive umbrella shape and delicate leaves thrives in the African savannas, attracting elephants and giraffe. Its bark is a deep blackish brown with a textured, furrowed appearance, while its young branches have a glossy reddish brown colour. The tree's large white spines, which can reach up to 6 cm in length, have swollen bases and add to its unique appearance. Native to the semi-desert areas of Southern Africa, this thorn-tree is a vital source of sustenance for wildlife in the Kalahari, earning it the nickname "Tree of Life" among some San families. Kameeldoring is cherished for its rich foliage and fruit, as well as its distinct brandewyn and kuier aroma. Thanks to the intense heat of the African sun, this wood boasts a moisture content of just 0-1%, making it significantly drier and heavier than kiln-dried or domestic firewood, which typically contains 20-30

Kameeldoring wood boasts a subtle flame, a rich and earthy scent, and produces a significant amount of charcoal. This premium cooking wood is ideal for both fire pits and chimeras, and its burn time is remarkably long.

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