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Make your own Biltong in Original, Chilli and Sticky Maple Flavours

Here's the very best way to make truly Authentic Biltong in three different flavours.
Enough to "Biltong" 1.5kg of meat!
Yes that's right you get all you need to make three different varieties not just one but three!
We here at the Weston Biltong Company are specialists in the production of some of the finest Biltong you can find. With over 10 years of experience of crafting mouth watering Biltong in the biggest range of flavours you can find combine that with generations of farming knowledge we really do know what we are doing.
We have decided to put together a real simple quick and easy way of you creating your very own fabulous Biltong with genuine  South African flavour. All your need is the meat and the heat!

We recommend using a cut like Silverside (British Beef is best) this will give you just the right flavour and texture
What your Kit will contain.
1- Biltong Original Spice Mix (Enough for 500g of Meat) Gluten Free
2- Chilli Biltong Spice Mix (Enough for 500g of Meat) Gluten Free
3- Sticky Maple Biltong Spice Mix (Enough for 500g of Meat) Contains Gluten.
4- Atomiser (This allows even coating of the meat) with enough Malt Vinegar to treat 1.5kg of Meat.
5- 2 x Steel reusable hanging hooks.
6- 3 x Resealable Marinade bags.
7- One pair of Powder free Vinyl Gloves.
8- Fully wipeable instructions easy to keep and wipe down if required.
9- All Delivered in a study and reusable silver window fronted gift tin.
10- Knowledge that all the above has been created with over 10 years experience of creating some of the UKs finest Biltong.
This isn't the tradition way of crafting Biltong but will give you some truly stunning results in a fraction of the time.
If you already have a Biltong Dryer  this kit is even more perfect as it gives just what you need to make not one but three stunning flavours.
Alternatively if you cant wait have a look at our other listing to see what stunning range of Biltong flavours we have ready made.