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Pakco Mango Atchar Hot 385g

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Everyone has their own style of adding this to their favourite dish or used as a side. There is nothing more authentic than the traditional Indian recipes and blends, used to produce the famous Pakco Pickle, or Atchar as it is fondly known by spice lovers worldwide. Founded in 1948. The Pakco brand was established by Pakkiri Pillay and his family. The brand was built on traditional Indian family recipes for pickles, spices and later condiments and sauces. Pakco enables anybody to become a curry expert and add authentic Indian flavour to any meal. Pakco is the only company that uses a traditional fermentation recipe. This results in the unique superior flavour and taste of Pakco Pickles Discover the delicious taste and rich tradition of Pakco Pickles, with recipes that have been passed down for generations. Founded in 1948 by Pakkiri Pillay, Pakco has become synonymous with authentic Indian flavor and quality. With our traditional fermentation process, we bring you the superior taste and flavor that spice lovers around the world have come to love. Add a touch of sophistication to any dish with Pakco Mango Atchar Hot.


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