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Royco Cook in Sauce "Tomato Bredie"

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Royco Tomato Bredie 55g, now you can make it just like Ouma. Bring the taste of South Africa to your kitchen with Royco stew mix. This mouth-watering dish is both delicious and simple to make. Just add your choice of meat and vegetables, such as lamb knuckles, potatoes, onion, and tomato paste, and let the sauce do the rest. The result will be an authentic South African dish that is sure to become a family favourite. With Royco Cook in, you can enjoy the flavours of South Africa without ever leaving your home. Luxurious and effortless, bring home a taste of South Africa with Royco Cook in Sauce "Tomato Bredie". Each ingredient is carefully selected to create a decadent dish that will delight your senses. Let the rich sauce perfectly coat your choice of meat and vegetables, such as succulent lamb knuckles, hearty potatoes, flavorful onion, and tangy tomato paste. Savor every bite of this traditional South African dish without ever having to leave your home. Royco Cook in Sauce brings the essence of South Africa to your kitchen.

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