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Royco Oxtail Soup Flavour (50g)

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Indulge in a delightfully sophisticated meal with Royco Oxtail Soup Flavour (50g). Its creamy texture and secret blend of spices and herbs elevate simple ingredients to create a luxurious culinary experience. For a touch of elegance, top it with cream and serve with warm ciabatta, or sprinkle biltong for a meaty twist. This South African soup can also be used as a hearty ingredient in stews, adding depth and richness to your dishes. Experience the indulgence of a truly exquisite meal with Royco Oxtail Soup Flavour (50g). A perfect harmony of delicate herbs and spices creates a silky smooth texture that transforms simple ingredients into a luxurious dining experience. Whether it's a dollop of cream on top or a sprinkle of biltong for a savoury boost, this South African soup is the ultimate addition to your culinary repertoire. Elevate your stews with its rich and flavourful profile, and taste the sophistication in every spoonful.

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